High Meadows Farms | Horseback riding lessons that are safe and fun!

Horseback riding lessons that are safe and fun!
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High Meadows Farms offers horseback riding in New Hampshire
for riders of all levels, with trail rides like no other!

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Our horseback trail rides are unique!

If you’re looking for horseback riding in New Hampshire, including trail rides, we’re glad you found us. We specialize in beginner riders and part of riding is learning how to prepare your horse to ride. The “lesson” begins by grooming and tacking up your horse, and spending some time getting to know your horse before you ride it (they all have such unique personalities). We then go down to the arena and learn the basics of riding to help you feel like you have control of your horse and have some knowledge of how to communicate with it (most trail ride places just have the horses walk in a single file line and the horses just follow the one in front without the rider having any control). Once you feel comfortable we begin our adventure into the woods. Learn more.