High Meadows Farms | Horseback riding lessons that are safe and fun!

Horseback riding lessons that are safe and fun!
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Trail Rides


Adventurous Trail Rides in New Hampshire!


Choose your own adventure!

The Not so Typical, “Typical Trail Ride”:  $50.00 per person

This is the most basic of the two packages.  When you arrive at the barn your horse will be tacked up and awaiting your arrival.  You will begin your adventure by spending a short amount of time in the arena learning the basics of riding to ensure that you feel safe and in control of your horse.  (most trail ride places just have the horses walk in a single file line and the horses just follow the one in front without the rider having any control). Once you feel comfortable we begin our adventure into the woods to enjoy the beautiful New Hampshire scenery.  When you return to the barn you will dismount and say goodbye and thank you to your horse.  Total Time = Approximately 50 minutes. Reservations required. Call  603-539-6052

The Ultimate Trail Ride:  $65.00 per person

This is the ride for the person who really wants the “full experience” of horseback riding.  Your adventure will begin by spending some time with your horse on the ground before you ride.  You will learn how to groom and tack-up your horse to prepare him for your ride.  (This gives both you and your horse the opportunity to get to know each other first.)  You will then spend some time in the arena learning the basics of riding to ensure you feel safe and in control of your horse before you head out on the trails.  When you return from you excursion on the trails you will can spend some additional time back in the arena practicing your riding skills.  Your ride will come to an end by dismounting, untacking your horse, and returning him to his stall or pasture.  Total time = Approximately 1 ½ hours. Reservations required. Call  603-539-6052

Both the summer and winter locations of High Meadows Farms offer beautiful trails through the woods. The summer location provides spectacular views of the White Mountains and rolling grass pastures. The winter barn contains endless trails into the woods, past small streams, over bridges, and through acres of  beautiful scenery. All trails are wide and well maintained and can be accessed throughout most of the year (some winter conditions may prohibit safe traveling).  Open 7 days a week September – June and Monday – Saturday July – August.

Call for reservations, which are required:  603-539-6052

Payment by cash or checks. 

High Meadows Farms is open 7 days a week.