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When you walk in the barn the first horse to greet you will be Tinkerbell. She is always so excited to meet someone new and loves to give you one of her special little kisses on your cheek. Although she will quickly be your favorite – don’t get too attached because she is Sue’s personal riding horse! She is not normally used in the lesson program, unless absolutely necessary, not to any fault of her own, just simply because Sue likes to keep her just for herself! So come and pet her and love on her all you want – but don’t expect to ride her!


Something obviously went a little wrong when God decided to make Marshmallow a horse, because she clearly should have been a Golden Retriever! She is honestly more like a big dog then a horse. Just like her name she is a round, mushy, and yummy marshmallow. She loves to cuddle and is kind and gentle to everyone. She and Jelly Bean have become best buddies and she watches over him like her child. She is a very motherly horse and takes care of her rider at all times. If you are at all nervous, Marshmallow will put your worries to rest!


Harry Potter is the newest addition to our little family, but he has quickly made his place here and has instantly become a barn favorite! His charming personality will immediately grab you and you are guaranteed to fall in love with him! He has a very inquisitive attitude and he is brave and trustworthy in any situation. His gaits are incredibly smooth and he is an absolute pleasure to ride! Once you meet him and ride him you are certain to become part of the Harry Potter Fan Club!

Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean is a Morgan/Quarter Horse cross. Although he is only 13.2 hands don’t let him fool you – he’s really just a horse stuck in a pony’s body! He is extremely athletic and ready and willing to do anything you ask him to do. After you meet this spunky little guy see if you can guess how old he is!


Skittles is a very unique horse in many different ways! First of all, if you think there is no such thing as a purple horse – well, Skittles is here to prove you wrong! When you see her you’ll notice that there’s purple tint to her coat! Her personality is more like that of a dog. She will shower you with loving kisses and she’s always happy and eager to go wherever you want to ride her! We have also discovered that she likes to eat many different types of “human foods.” Her favorite seems to be an unusual condiment….Come out and meet her and find out what her favorite flavoring is!

Kermit the Horse

Kermit is a 16.2 hand Chestnut Thoroughbred. Although he was a race horse in his younger years he could never win a race today – (just don’t tell him that!) Like Kermit the Frog he has long skinny legs, but don’t let his height intimidate you! When you ride him you will find that those tall legs are really are slow and steady! There’s a saying, “the bigger the better!” Well, Kermit can prove that is true! Come meet this gentle giant!

Oreo Cookie

Oreo is like the grandmother of the barn. She has been here the longest of all the horses and she is tried and true. She is the one of teaches most of the first time riders how to ride and is always the one to go to if you’re feeling at all nervous. She is guaranteed to put your mind at ease. She knows the “drill” so well that she could teach the lesson without Sue even being there. You will be amazed at how cooperative and easy she is to ride and handle. There is no doubt that she is the “schoolmaster” of the barn! For all you kids – and adults that are kids at heart, come see if you can find the hidden picture amongst her beautiful markings!


Tarzan is an adorable fun-loving buckskin pony who should have been a circus pony! He is extremely smart, has an endless supply of energy, and numerous tricks up his sleeve. His hobbies include: annoying/playing with the other horses, bowing, shaking his head yes and no, playing soccer and exercising his new found passion for jumping! He is a very brave and confident pony and he LOVES attention! Come meet him and he’ll show you his fabulous personality!


Pongo is a horse with a lot of character and is always making his riders laugh, by doing silly things like playing with his mouth or opening his door with his head. This strong quarter horse paint has been named after the dog from 101 Dalmatians for his black and white coat. He is very sturdy and enjoys the following: playing follow the leader, taking mud baths, and a scratch in the tips of his ears. This barn would be dull if not for Pongo!


This horse is a new addition to our colorful array, and she brings something elegant and beautiful to the mix. Twizzler is a 16 hand thoroughbred mare. She is truly amazing to watch as she floats around the arena with style and beauty. Although few get to experience her amazing gates for themselves because she is Sue’s new personal horse! But, she loves attention when Sue is super busy and she would be elated if she got a pet from you on your visit!


luke-tribute     snoopy-tribute


Riding Lessons

We offer horseback riding lessons year round in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  In the Winter and Spring we are at 100 Acre Woods in Moultonboro, and in the Summer and Fall we are at High Meadows Farms in Wolfeboro.  Both locations are offer beautiful riding arenas, miles of trails and breathtaking scenery.  Come visit us anytime!

Trail Rides

This is the place to come whether your a first time rider looking for a great first experience on a horse, or if you're an experienced rider looking for something more then just your "typical trial ride." All trail rides are custom designed to fit each person's needs and are created to give you the "full experience" of horseback riding. Our trail rides are like no other around!

Pony Parties

Looking for the perfect birthday party or group gathering? High Meadows Farms offers a hands-on learning environment where you will get an in-depth introduction to horses and horseback riding! All ages are welcome!  There are many different options to choose from and we will customize everything to fit your specific needs. Both locations provide an ideal environment to have a party that the kids will be talking about for years to come! READ MORE

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